Quality assurance


Quality Assurance

Quality Policy: Customers first, Continuous Innovation Perfection Quality; Create the perfect quality, Beyond Customers' Expection,


Quality target

Customers' satisfaction ≥90 scores

Qualification ratio under first acceptance check ≥99%

ZERO PPM for delivered-products≤ 100PPM

Three Guarantees PPM for delivered-products≤ 300PPM

On time delivery rate: 100%




ROTEC system

We are not simply a reproducing factory, we are the designer and manufacturer of the Front End Accessory Belt Driven(FEAD) Systems.We have the ability to provide engine plant front-end accessory wheel system layout design, manufacturing, technical verification and other services.



1. Accurately judge the transmission efficiency of the system and accurately reflect the system slip rate;

2. Accurately reflect the vibration of the system for precise control;

3. Visually reflect the amount of belt jitter, which is convenient for optimizing system design;

4. Reflecting the swing angle of the tensioner in detail, and better designing the tensioner damping;

5. Accurately measure the load of the tensioner, reasonably select the bearing and optimize the service life;

6. precise control, rapid response, reduce development costs, optimize system design.




The company has: assembly workshop, machining workshop, vertical machining center and key processing equipment. Among them, the assembly workshop has the functions of automatic assembly flow operation and online measurement \ control \ error prevention and leakage prevention alarm.




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